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Organizing your disc collection is neither hard nor time-consuming
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If you’ve got more than a few discs, chances are that more than once you will be unnecessarily wasting your time in order to locate the needed one. It’s all part of a routine that you could have avoided should you catalogued your media in the first place.

You might get away with not cataloguing your music and movies, but if you have at least several data discs with pictures, files and backups, you’re in real trouble! Either your start organizing the discs properly or you’re doomed to spend boring hours inserting the discs into PC and trying to find those files.

Stop wasting your time and get organized! Install SI Cataloguer, and it will index the contents of your discs completely automatically and once and forever!

SI Cataloguer performs the indexing of all files and data such as picture properties, EXIF and MP3 ID3 tags on your entire collection of CDs and DVDs. The newly released SI Cataloguer 3.0 enters ZIP, 7zip and RAR archives, and indexes their content as if they were folders. And indexing means you’re no longer limited to a file name – instead, you can use any property of a file to locate it right on your computer and without the need to insert an actual disc that contains the file, even if the file is compressed in an archive. You can type the performer’s name, and see a list of songs from all CDs from your collection. If you do not remember the artist’s full name, type any part of it, and you’ll see a complete list of artists whose names contain your search request.

If you like the idea of fast and convenient search of your entire collection, why limit yourself to just CDs and DVDs when you can index things right on your hard drive? SI Cataloguer organizes files and media on all of your hard discs just as effectively as it does on CDs, offering you the same ultra-fast indexing and instant search capabilities.

Organizing your disc collection is neither hard nor time-consuming with SI Cataloguer.

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